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Elearnus’ online testing platform allows schools to test students virtually and remotely, especially useful at a time where social distancing is required.

Conduct your entrance exams remotely

Schools can conduct entrance exams virtually with our online testing platform. Entrance exams have become much more stressful for both parents and pupils since the pandemic started, with many exams having their dates changed or even cancelled altogether. Entrance exams are continuing at a number of schools and turning online. Invigilation has also gone online, with some teachers having to watch prospective students while they carry out their test.

You are just one step away from being able to offer your students online tests. Register now to be provided with the tools to conduct tests online.
online testing platform
With the increasingly digitised world we live in and the need for social distancing, its important for schools and education providers to allow students to complete their exams remotely. Students can do this with our smart exam server with excellent tools:

Exam for every education level

More than 14 question types

Autocorrected after submission

Create time limits

Immediate results and report

Feedback with correct answers

Retake if needed

online testing platform
excellent educational software
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