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WE ARE THE LEADERS IN delivering quality online learning for schools, tutors, nurseries and education providers.

At elearnus we believe that remote learning can be just as successful as being in the classroom, if not more, if educators have the right tools.

COVID 19 has changed the way we live in a number of unprecedented ways. Social distancing means that learners all around the world have had to learn to adapt to remote learning and we wanted to make that transition as easy as possible. This is why we have created a range of education services to make remote learning effective and efficient for both educators and learners.

Our education services are state of the art and allow learners to flourish while learning remotely.

Tutor learning platform – lms

Tutors have access to an exceptional Learning Management System to deliver great online teaching experience.

School Learning Platform – lms

We offer a modern  Learning Management System for schools that can be used on any screen size.

booking and payment system

We offer a state of the art booking and payment system where online schools and tutors can approve or decline new bookings and know the exact amount paid and whether your customer has used a discount code.

School Mobile App for Staff and parents

We can design a personalised mobile application for your school from a number of professional templates.

online testing platform

We offer a dynamic online testing platform with online exams designed for every educational level. This allows private schools to conduct their entrance exams remotely.

school admission system

Schools have access to a customised school admission system designed for a better customer experience.