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What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that reports, tracks and tests learners so that they can progress through online courses. The learning management system emerged from e-Learning.

Why choose elearnus?

Elearnus allows teachers to manage their online education and virtual classrooms. Elearnus can be used on any screen and is built to provide the same experience on any screen size, whether that be on a mobile, tablet or PC screen. Parents receive weekly follow up reports about student class performance with teacher comments. Teachers can create quizzes for students, and they can build these smart quizzes for exams that can be autocorrected and graded with feedback.

Furthermore, elearnus provides parents with a powerful dashboard to follow up and monitor their child’s progress. On elearnus students have their own dashboard and tools which help them to receive direct contact with parents or students either during class or privately. Elearnus online virtual education and classrooms allow instructors to monitor student’s status, get in direct contact with parents or students either during class or privately.

Our learning management system is an intuitive interface to address the needs of schools. Our LMS allows for easy access from any device. Schools can create course modules with a few simple clicks.

Your school is just one step away from providing your students with online learning that both students and parents will be extremely satisfied with. Register now to be provided with the tools to deliver your online learning.
Full LMS Online delivery tool
Custom LMS login page with your school’s name and logo with a range of excellent tools available:

Create announcements

Course modules

Record your classes

Email notifications

School certificates

Set homework

Student interface

Badges for your students

Class timetable

Follow up reports for parents

Parent access

Stunning custom homepage Design

Present your school’s profile and company information to parents in a professional way with our stunning homepage design with your school name and logo.

Zoom integrated

Our LMS is fully integrated with zoom so you can deliver your online teaching efficiently. There is no time limit and allows for unlimited attendees which is particularly beneficial for schools with larger class sizes. Teachers can share notes and share YouTube videos during the session.

student, parent, teacher dashboards

Our dashboards allows students, parents and teachers to have an individualised system specialised for their individual needs.

Course modules

Our LMS has course modules all in one place for every level of education.

student dashboard

A state of the art dashboard where students can access course modules and their recently viewed courses. Courses are split into modules and there is a large range of modules that schools can add to our LMS. Schools can also convert modules into summary videos for auditory learners.

online quizzes

Schools can convert course module content into online quizzes so students can actively know if they are learning, students can then know their test scores.

lms for schools
excellent educational software for schools
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