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Online Education

Elearnus is aware that the world is becoming more and more digitised, this is why we know it’s so important for education providers to have outstanding online education services in place for their students.


For Schools, NURSERIES, Training Providers and tuTors

We provide a range of exceptional education services such as Electronic Admission Systems for Schools & Nurseries to Learning Management Systems to suit each clients individual needs and to make remote learning successful .


Ready, Start In Minutes

We do all the hard work so that you can relax knowing you have the best tools to deliver online learning.


Tutor Learning Platform – LMS
Tutors have access to an exceptional Learning Management System to deliver online teaching.
School Learning Platform – LMS
We offer a modern and stylish Learning Management System for schools that can be used on any screen size.
School Mobile App
We can design a personalised mobile app for your school or nursery from a number of professional templates.
School Admission System
Schools have access to a customised school admission system designed for a better customer experience.
Booking and Payment System
We offer a state of the art booking and payment system where online schools and tutors can approve or decline new bookings and know the exact amount paid and whether your customer has used a discount code.
Online Testing platform
We offer a dynamic online testing platform with exams for every education level.
LMS- Learning Platform With your Brand logo
We have created a state of the art remote learning software application for schools, nurseries, education centres and tutors that reports, tracks and tests learners so that they can progress through online courses. Elearnus allows teachers, tutors and online schools to manage their online education and virtual classrooms.
The main features of our LMS are:
  • Attendance
  • Online Quizzes with auto correction
  • Badges
  • Announcements
  • Homework
  • Course Modules 
  • Discussion Board 
  • Student Evaluation
  • Email notifications
  • Grades

our mission

Our mission is to create skilled, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We do this by providing education services to schools, nurseries, education centres and tutors to provide a safe and supportive remote learning environment where all learners are equal and all achievements are celebrated.

Create skilled, confident and responsible individuals
Allow learners to reach their full potential
Provide a safe and supportive learning environment

our skills

We have an exceptional knowledge of teaching and know how to create the best conditions for remote learning. We are a team of honest and flexible professionals who ensure our clients are pleased with the service we provide through our teamwork, transparency, and accountability.

our projects

We build and develop the future of remote learning through learning management platforms, mobile applications, school admission systems, booking and payment systems and online testing platforms throughout the United Kingdom. We take on projects with the intention of finding smart, new solutions to problems, large and small.
We are experts in education
We currently have 35,000 registered users so when you choose us, you’ll benefit from experts in delivering education services. All our services are developed with the needs in mind of both learners and educators.
The future of learning is online
With the pandemic and the need for social distancing, the future of teaching and learning is online and education providers should take advantage of this.
Attention to details
We pay attention to current education trends, we are creative while keeping a close eye on your budget.
Reach the right audience
You will benefit from a complete marketplace of customers with education services that allow you to keep your content fresh with recent photos and videos.

If you are looking for professionals to help you deliver online education, then look no further.
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