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Should schools and nurseries have their own app?

The world is becoming more and more digitised and recently, more people are using mobiles, with ownership of smartphones increasing every day. In total, the number of people that own a smartphone is 4.88 billion, making up around 62.07% of the world’s population. This is why it’s so important for schools and nurseries to have their own smartphone application which benefits the students, school and educational companies. Schools and nurseries should ensure that their app is available for both apple and android smartphones. 

So, why should schools and nurseries have their own app?
It provides students with a schedule of upcoming events.

Both parents and students can keep up to date with important events like exam periods, picture days  and parents evenings happening in their school or nursery. This allows parents to prepare in advance for such days.

Allows parents to stay in contact.

In an emergency it is important for parents to have easy access to a school or nursery’s contact information. In many apps there is a feature that allows parents to message the school through the app which is incredibly convenient for parents.

Improves the image of your school or nursery.

The world is going digital and it’s important for schools and nurseries to take advantage of this in order to stay relevant. Having a school app may also be the difference in a parent choosing your school or nursery over another. This, therefore, helps improve your nursery or schools brand image.

It reduces the number of calls schools and nurseries receive.

If your school app includes all the necessary information and frequently asked questions that parents may have, then your reception staff will receive less calls which means that they can concentrate on other important tasks.

Reduces paperwork. 

Having an app for your school or nursery reduces paperwork because important information can be sent to parents and staff through the app rather than on paper. This not only saves your school or nursery money, but also benefits the environment.

Parents can receive alerts through app notifications.

It also allows parents to be informed through alert systems about emergencies like snow days. This also keeps teachers and staff informed about school closures and what will happen next.

Some final thoughts…

After discussing all the benefits of schools and nurseries having their own app, the question really should be why wouldn’t nurseries and schools have their own app? It is extremely important for schools and nurseries to keep parents in the loop in this increasingly digitised world. Having a school app benefits a wide range of people like parents, students, administrators and staff members.

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