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Elearnus’s remote learning study space guide
The pandemic has changed students’ lives as we know it and remote learning has become an integral part of their lives. Remote learning has proven to be mostly successful since the pandemic began, in spite of the slight technological hiccups that many students have had to cope with. Remote learning can actually be more productive if parents focus on the essentials of their child’s study space. 

We have created a well-thought-out guide to setting up your child’s study space. Before creating your child’s study space, take a minute to consider exactly how you want it to look in terms of design and colour schemes; and how it can reflect your child’s personality. Also think about what essentials they will need close to hand, like a water bottle to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Parents should perform an assessment of their child’s study space, workstation and equipment, to ensure that they can study from home in a safe and productive way.

A reliable and secure internet connection

The first and arguably the most important factor for students studying from home, is for parents to ensure that they have a reliable and secure internet connection.

Device like a laptop or computer

Having a computer in an increasingly digitised world is a must for most students, as most schools are using learning management systems like elearnus. We recommend investing in a laptop or tablet for your child, as it provides them with the freedom to study in various areas of your house or apartment.

A desk

Having a clean desk helps students immensely while studying from home. We would recommend a simple and minimalistic desk with plenty of room for a student’s laptop and monitor.

It’s worth parents investing in a computer chair to avoid their child getting back problems later in life and long-term injuries. It can also be good to invest in an ergonomic chair which has been designed to support the human body and helps with posture and comfort.

A computer mouse

If a student is studying from a laptop, a computer mouse can help with precision and speed.


If students are expecting to receive lots of video calls from their teacher, then they definitely need a pair of quality headphones with a good microphone. It will help them block out background noise and hear all individuals on the video. It will also allow teachers to hear your child correctly.

A water bottle

Parents should make sure their child has a water bottle on their desk. We recommend a reusable large water bottle to reduce plastic use and also to avoid constant trips to the kitchen. Staying hydrated while studying is extremely important.

A coffee mug

Children who enjoy a hot drink like a hot chocolate while studying should have their own coffee cup on their desk. Coffee mugs come in all different shapes and colours, so can bring some colour to a child’s study space.

A pen and notepad

Not everything is written on a laptop or computer and sometimes ideas need to be written down. Students should have a notepad and pen on their desk so that they can scribble down notes throughout the day.

A printer

Not all students will need a printer, however it can be essential for some. Having a reliable printer and scanner in their study space can make students’ learning a lot simpler.

A desk lamp

For those students who prefer to study later on in the day may need a desk lamp, this will help prevent eye strain and allow them to study at later times.

House plants

Study spaces can be uninspiring areas, but it has been scientifically proven that including a house plant can create a greater sense of wellbeing, they increase oxygen levels, reduce stress, improve creativity and even increase productivity.

Scented candles

For older students, having a scented candle on their desk can help improve their mood and add some colour. It will also make their study space smell wonderful, which is never a bad thing! It should be emphasised however, that this should only be for older students as candles can be dangerous for young children.

Art essentials

It is essential for your child to remain creative while they are studying from home and art is an important way for many children to express themselves. Examples of art essentials are mixed art paper, a paper pad, construction paper, liquid watercolours and oil pastels.


When your child is not watching classes online or speaking to their teacher, studying from home provides them with the opportunity to play all their favourite music while studying. Many parents still believe that listening to music is a distraction for their child but there are in fact a number of benefits. It improves students’ memories, contrary to popular belief, listening to music while studying is not a distraction, it is actually a great strategy to study more effectively for a student’s next exam. Music also reduces stress, helps students focus and even benefits student’s mental health, especially meditative and classical music. 

Invest in a music subscription such as Apple Music or Spotify if you don’t already have one, because you can create unique playlists while your child is studying. Make sure to play them inspirational music to keep them motivated throughout the day.

After gaining inspiration from our handy guide, we hope that parents and students feel a little more confident on how to help their child while they are studying from home. Elearnus’ education services can help students and teachers deliver this.
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