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7 ways that booking software is important for the self-employed and small businesses

At elearnus we are aware of the many benefits of booking software not just for schools but small businesses and the self employed, this is why we have compiled a list of 7 ways that booking software is important.

What is booking software?

Online booking systems are software that allow potential customers to book and pay for an activity or service online through a business’s website. Customers can choose the date and time of when they want the activity or service online and then pay through different payment methods. 

With elearnus booking software, businesses and the self-employed can approve or decline new bookings, contact customers by email or phone, know the paid amount and discount code used and arrange customers into classes.

Why is booking software important for the self-employed and small businesses?
1. They are functional 24/7.

Online booking software is functional all the time, day and night. This provides potential customers the freedom of using the software whenever they want to, this also maximises a business’s sales.

2. Booking software is trending right now.

The world is increasingly going online so nowadays customers want to use booking software. Many potential customers use the internet to find information they need to know. If a business does not have a good online presence, then they are missing out on many potential customers. The self-employed and small businesses must take advantage of this and integrate online booking software onto their websites.

3. Convenient management of bookings.

Online booking software reduces the stress and possible mistakes that come with arranging bookings for your business.

4. There are special discounts available for customers.

Special discounts entice customers to book online creating more business and also helps customers save money, so it benefits both the business and customer. For example, elearnus offers a sibling discount for two or more children from the same household studying at the same school. 

5. Reduces staff workload.

Online booking reduces workloads so that staff can prioritise other things like customer service and therefore will make your staff more efficient. This is especially important for smaller businesses who do not have the resources or staff power than larger businesses will have. Staff won’t need to attend to phone calls all day, this therefore reduces staff costs.

6. The number of no shows will decrease.

Customers who have bought tickets online for a specific date and time are much more likely to turn up. This is because they have already bought the tickets and therefore don’t want to waste their money and they know they’ll be free at that specific date and time.

7. Secure and faster payments.

Online booking software means that payments are easier, securer and faster than more traditional methods. Businesses and the self-employed can require customers to pay online when they book which further increases income. Furthermore, if a customer does not show up then businesses and the self-employed can keep their money as compensation. Customers will also receive payment receipt and a confirmation email after using booking software.

Paying for services or events online was once viewed as dangerous, elearnus has demonstrated the multiple benefits for the self employed and small businesses.

Overall, online booking software is increasing in use for all types of businesses and the self-employed. If you are searching for an excellent booking system for your school from leaders in education services then look no further than elearnus, we have all the tools you need.