Manchester, UK

Despite there being the perception by many parents that online tutoring is inferior to face-to-face tutoring, with today’s IT driven and fast-paced learning environment, online tutoring is extremely effective. Online tutoring is becoming more and more popular due to a number of factors like technological advances and the pandemic. Both parents and students can benefit from online learning experiences and students can really reach their potential from the comfort of their home.

So why should tutors start teaching online rather than in person?

Online tutoring is more convenient.

This one is fairly self-explanatory.

Online tutoring is more convenient for the parent and the tutor. Parents no longer have to drive their children to a specific location, instead they can study at home with their tutor at their convenience. Parents no longer have to factor in taking their children to their tutor into their busy schedules, they can be rest assured that their child is receiving the personalised support that they need. 

This also means that tutors can teach students from anywhere in the world. Students can learn with tutors that match their needs rather than tutors that live in the same area as they do. The only thing the student and tutor needs is a device like a tablet or computer and a strong and reliable  internet connection which most people in the west already have.

Elearnus allows tutors to start their class with one click and students can access the zoom meeting with a single button click. There is an interactive whiteboard, live polling and chatting. 

Online tutoring doesn’t feel like school for students.

Many students find it easier to learn and retain more information in the relaxed environment of being at home than they would in the classroom. Learning at home one to one with a tutor means that students do not have the distraction of other students as well.

Students have the undivided attention of their online tutor.

An online tutoring session is always one-to-one for students instead of time spent in a virtual classroom. Students can benefit from a study session with the undivided attention of their tutor rather than being in a virtual class full of students.

More introverted students are more likely to ask questions online than they would in class or with a tutor face-to-face. 

Some children are too shy to ask the teacher questions in front of a class full of students. Online learning provides students with a more open environment to ask questions about topics they don’t understand.

This confidence will help students throughout the school year to ask questions when they are unsure. This will also help students in the future to know that asking questions is a way to learn and is not a weakness.

No risk of contracting illnesses

This is extremely important in the age of covid and with the need for social distancing, learning from the comfort of a student’s home means that there is no risk of the student or tutor transmitting illnesses to each other such as colds and flu.

Students can work with their online tutor at their own pace.

Finally, teachers in the classroom are required to keep to a curriculum and all students must work at the same pace no matter their academic ability, their learning style, or how fast they learn. The great thing about using Elearnus with a tutor is that the tutor can work at the individual student’s pace. This means that tutors can return to topics that the child finds difficult. The student will move onto the next topic only when they are ready.

Online tutoring is a fairly new phenomenon but is going to be a way of life because it is interactive, engaging and extremely effective. As time passes, more and more tutors will decide to deliver their teaching online and will continue to learn what works and what doesn’t work for their students.