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How can students increase their productivity while studying at home?

The coronavirus has changed the lives of us all and students have had to adjust to studying from home instead of the classroom. Social distancing means that students have had to learn to adapt to remote learning. There are benefits of studying at home for students, like not having to travel to school, which can save parents a small fortune! However, feeling stressed, bored, anxious or uncertain while studying at home is also completely normal.

This is why here at elearnus we have created these helpful tips that can help students become more productive and take care of their mental health while studying from home:

Students should make sure to get a good night’s sleep.

At elearnus we follow doctors advice and recommended that 6-13 years olds for example, should get 9-11 hours of sleep a night. If students sleep for fewer hours than recommended than this or have a disruptive night’s sleep, then chances are they will be tired in the morning and therefore not as productive. Students should keep distractions away from them while they sleep, such as turning off their phone if they have one, putting it on silent or even better, not having a phone nearby at all while sleeping.

Keep to a routine.

Students studying from home should keep to a routine and wake up at the same time every day, students should preferably start studying in the morning as this is when school would normally start. Waking up at the same time every day will help students keep to a routine. For instance, students could set an alarm at a realistic time that works for them.

Have a dedicated study space.

Having a dedicated space at home to study has many benefits. It allows students to fully focus on studying, helps reduce distractions and therefore improves their productivity.

Students shouldn’t study from their beds.

Instead of travelling to school, studying in bed may sound like a dream to many students, but in reality, studying in bed does not boost productivity, it actually has the opposite effect.

Studying in bed reduces sleep quality, work productivity and energy levels. This is because you’re bringing school and studying to bed, which may mean that students will start to associate bed with studying and schoolwork.

Students should set rules with their parents and siblings.

Students should set rules with their parents and especially younger siblings so that they are not interrupted while they are studying.

At elearnus we recommend that students inform their parents and siblings of their study schedule and when classes with teachers will be taking place as background noise can be very distracting while studying and will therefore have a negative impact on productivity.

Students should take regular breaks. 

Although it’s easy to lose track of the time when studying from home, students still need to take regular breaks. It’s essential to take regular breaks to refresh and improve productivity. Students could go for a walk with their pet, listen to some music or even just have a chat with a friend or family member. Students should make sure to have breakfast, lunch and snacks while on their break to refuel their bodies and increase concentration. They could even have healthy snacks next to them while they are studying.

Taking regular breaks may seem counterproductive but taking breaks helps students feel both mentally and physically refreshed.

Students should take time out of their day to exercise.

Just like in school, students should take time out of their day to exercise, as this certainly boosts productivity. Students should aim to exercise once a day, this will not only help with their physical health but also their mental health, which is equally important.

There are so many exercise options to fit all ages and exercise levels, students could go for a run during their break, a parent could sign them up to an online class or if they’re feeling especially adventurous, try some yoga. It’s all down to personal taste but students should try to mix things up to avoid becoming bored.

Some final thoughts…

Learning from home is still new for most students but is going to be a way of life for them for the foreseeable future, this is why it is extremely important for students and parents to understand what does and doesn’t boost productivity. Focusing on well-being and effective learning strategies are key for productive students. 

Share your thoughts and comment on this post on how you think students can improve their productivity while studying from home.